Living rooms are the main centre of attention of any home. Which means, it’s only wise to focus the majority of your efforts into perfectly designing that particular space.

Discover an enormous amount of perfected layouts, high-end decor ideas, gorgeous lighting designs, stunning furniture, sumptuous curtains and some breathtaking architectural features that make for an amazing luxury living room.

Here you’ll find our TOP 15 absolute favorite interiors, along with some extra details and tips on how to achieve the look.

Design by Johny Mrazko

Use eye-catching modern chandelier to attract attention into your space. This particular lighting arrangement uses various sized forms to create what resembles a celebratory firework display.

Design by Alessandro Zecca
Design by KUOO Architects

Use multiple lighting for an extra touch. This room not only fills up on sofas at floor level but the interior designer has been mindful of the upper quarters of the room too, by using three living room pendant lights, all at differing heights.

Visualized by Dvice Inc

If your room has a high ceiling, it’s important to fill it all the way to the top. Here we find a pair of imposing bookcases that climb all the way to the top of each side of an enormous chimney breast.

Visualized by Naira Omar
By Shamsudin Kerimov

To make a room appear more luxurious and carefully designed, illuminating special features withing the interior is a great idea!

By Fathy Ibrahim & Rehab Elhawary

Use sophisticated and unique artwork to give your room a trendier style. “La Morena” Collection by Dcorstore is used in the design of this interior.

Designer: Paul McClean

It’s important to accentuate your room’s strengths. This home is blessed with a sweeping panoramic view, and a long linear fireplace has been placed to echo its stretched line.

By Sherif Abdul Rahman
Design by Yaroslav Serdyuk

Build false walls to accommodate new needs. Bespoke storage furniture can be built to appear as part of the wall, offering recessed nooks to display treasured items.

Design by Nikita Borisenko
By Diego Querol
By Alexander Golinskiy

Add textured walls to break the monochromatic style. This marble wall is also used as wall art, adding a dynamic essence into the space.

Designer: Charles Wright Architects
Visualized by Ahmed Ibrahim


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