Undeniably one of the most important architects of this century, Frank Gehry is known to be an incredible designer. Known for his bold architectural features and unusual shapes, Gehry’s designs transcend the ordinary building and are truly monumental works of art.

Winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, one of the most prestigious Architecture Awards, Gehry was commended by the jury as, “always open to experimentation. He has as well a sureness and maturity that resists, in the same way that Picasso did, being bound either by critical acceptance or his successes.”

We’ve prepared a list of Gehry’s most iconic buildings, where you’ll see his unique designs and the true essence of his work, which defines him as an amazing artist and a legend in architecture.

1Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Nicknamed Fred and Ginger, after dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, by Gehry himself. Made of 99 concrete panels, each differently shaped, the structure’s front facade juts out as if it were made of two entwined human figures. In 1996, its construction was controversial, as the building doesn’t fit among the Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau for which Prague is known.

2Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Construction on this building started in 1998 and blends in perfectly with the city of L.A., Gehry’s design for the Walt Disney Concert Hall has aged wonderfully. It took five years for it to be completed, but it remains one of the premier cultural attractions in the city. Inspired by Gehry’s passion for sailing, the steel panels billow as if they’re wafting in the wind.

3Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

Completed in 1993, the Weisman Art Museum‘s fractured façade is fitting for an art institution; the exterior looks as though it’s part of a Cubist painting. In 2011, the Weisman Art Museum was expanded, with an addition also designed by Gehry that creates a seamless and fluid visitor experience.

4Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Considered as Gehry’s most famous design, the Guggenheim Museum is a landmark building. Set on the edge of the Nervión River in Bilbao‭, ‬Spain, the undulating metal forms of the Guggenheim Bilbao marked the beginning of a new kind of landmark called “Bilbao Effect” , that could draw cultural pilgrims from around the world.

5Cinémathèque Française, Paris

The first building Gehry ever designed in the UK, his contribution to the Maggie’s Centres project won him “Building of the Year” from The Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland.

The Cinémathèque Française is a French film organization that holds one of the largest archives of film documents and film-related objects in the world. Based in Paris, the archive offers daily screenings of worldwide films.

6New York by Gehry, New York City

New York by Gehry is an 899-unit residential apartment building that also includes a pre-K to grade 8 public school, an ambulatory care center, retail space, and parking on the lower levels.

This skyscraper marked a new era of residential towers in New York City. At 76 stories, it was one of the tallest residential buildings in the world when it opened, rising above downtown landmarks like the Woolworth Building as a symbol of the rebirth of Lower Manhattan.

7Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, Washington

Gehry’s inspiration for the Museum of Pop Culture was rock ‘n’ roll. According to the institution, he “purchased several electric guitars, sliced them into pieces, and used them as building blocks for an early model design.” The final result features 21,000 individually cut and shaped stainless steel and aluminum shingles that cloak the building in an iridescent wave.

8Lou Ruvo Center, Las Vegas

The Lou Ruvo Center operates as an outpatient treatment and research facility in downtown Las Vegas on land deeded to Keep Memory Alive, the fund raising arm of LRCBH, by the City of Las Vegas as part of its Symphony Park. The Center is approximately 65,000-square-feet and includes 13 examination rooms, offices for health care practitioners and researchers, a “Museum of the Mind” and a community auditorium.

9Peter B. Lewis Building , Cleveland, Ohio

Since its construction in 2002, the Peter B. Lewis Building has housed the Weatherhead School of Management at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University. The building exterior is classic Gehry, with ribbons of stainless steel unfurling from a brick base. The open interior is meant to encourage cross-disciplinary socializing.

10Gehry Tower, Hanover, Germany

Gehry Tower is a nine-story building that was commissioned by the city-owned Hanover Transport Services (üstra), for whom Gehry also designed a bus stop in the city.


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