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Google Pixel 4: Everything You Need to Know!

Google recently released their new version of the smartphone series, the Google Pixel 4. Famously known for being the smartphones with one...

Restaurant Hidden in the Forest by MUDA-Architects

MUDA-architects completed an incredible restaurant design, locate in a rural area of Chengdu, in southwestern China. The restaurant weaves its way through...

The World’s First 360-Degree Pool was Unveiled!

A new concept for the world's first 360-degree pool has been unveiled by Manufacturer Compass Pools. Named "Infinity Pool", it was designed...

Tree House Concept: Living around a Tree

Tree house among the forest of fir trees. It created for that would feel more fusion with nature and give up some unnecessary conditions...

Geometric Cutlery: a contemporary interpretation

Design is everywhere! These amazing cutlery collection designed by Till Kobes show that every object can contain a particularity and beauty even being objects...